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Last update: 5.02.2013

For information on the Belgian Railways Rolling Stock (and much more), please see the site of David de Neef.

Chapters on this website:

The first subjects focusses on the history of one particular locomotive, USArmy EMD MRS-1 locomotive 1818. The existence of this website describing its remarkable history resulted in its preservation, in the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry. Read more about in on the website (which needs updating also...)

The second subject concernes the history and documentation on a Belgian brand of O-scale tintoy trains, GILS, manufactured in Jupille near Liege, Belgium from 1942 until 1965.

The third subject handles about a Scale 1/32 (I-scale) railway module project in Belgium, an initiative, launched in 2010, for which I am building -slowly- a representation of the former station of Gefrees