Locomotive 1813

Unit 1813 resided at Ft. Eustis (VA) in 1978.
On 1982, it also (or still) was at Ft. Eustis, but with a new painting scheme: black/stripes, DOT star logos on hood ends and on long hood sides. us-dot lettering on ends and cab sides.

1813.gif (14955 bytes) USArmy/ US-DOT MRS-1 1813 at Ft. Eustis, VA Enginehouse on March 23, 1982. Photo and scan: Michael Patrick

In January 1990, the unit was seen at the US dept. of Transportation test track in Pueblo, Colorado.

The unit now serves on the Heber Valley Museum Railroad in Utah. Unit 1813 at the Hubor Valley Museum. Picture and scan by Shane G. Deemer (1996)