Russian Locomotives TEM 1 and 2

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Scan by Oleg V. Izmerov

TEM-1, made by joint-stock company "Bryansk Engineering Works" (BMZ), was the first serial shunting diesel locomotive in Russia, although two experimental shunting diesel-locomotives O-el were made in Russia before the WW2. In the time of the Russian accelerated industrialization there was a problem, how to utilize the quite useful, but not powerful old steam locomotives, and the railways usually turned them for shunting. The shunting work was not the main factor of coal expenditure, and the mass production of shunting diesels required only after 1955. But in 1957 the BMS got the rush job: the powerful shunting diesel - locomotives pressed in need. To accelerate the design and technology preparation, the Bryansk engineers unified the bogies with serial freight diesel - locomotive TE-3, and used the D50 diesel, designed for the produced after WW2 diesel - locomotive TE-1. In Juny, 19, BMZ build the first TEM-1.
Main technical data: two three-axle bogies, diesel power 1000 hp, max. speed 90 km/h.
In a photo: the first TEM-1 in 1958.


TEM2 in general and tropical modifications. The icon in the center of plant building is a slogan about awarding of TEM2. Photo by Nicolay Romanov (Bryansk).
Scan by O. Izmerov.

just produced TEM2 at BMZ yard in 1980. Photo by N.Romanov.
Scan and digital correction by O. Izmerov.


TEM2 - most popular in ex-USSR six-axle, 1200-hp shunting diesel-locomotive with elecric transmission. Produced by BMZ (Bryansk Mashine-building plant) in Bryansk, Russia, in 1960-1990. The Baycal-Amur railroad in 80th used only TEM2 locomotive. TEM2 also used for transportation the spaceships from the plants to the "start tables" in Bayconur an Plesetzk spaceports.

1200-hp, six-axle shunting diesel-electric locomotive TEM2 (Bryansk Machinery Plant, Russia), in 1970 was awarded by "State Symbol of Quality", and later repeatedly re-awarded by one.
In 1986 one of the modifications of TEM2, TEM2U, was awarded by first-degree Diploma of VDNH (the main trade exhibition in ex-USSR). TEM2 displayed in VDNH more than quarter of century. The designers and producers of TEM2 have 1 gold, 2 silver and 12 bronze medals of VDNH.