Locomotive 1817

Unit 1817 went to the Navy in september 1970 (Hawthorne Naval Ammo Depot) and on to the Alaska RR in december 1977. On november 1, 1983, units #1715-#1717 retired official duty at the Alaska RR.

What happens to ARR 1717 is absolutely unclear! I got no confirmation of the information I display below...

The US Department of Transportation got the unit (probably in use at their test track at Pueblo Colorado).
I was told that the unit went to the California State Railway Museum, restored as US Navy 65-00573, but this is not true. They DO have two ALCO MRS-1 units: USNavy 65-00543 and USNavy 65-00545.

Unit 1817 was scraped after beeing retired in Alaska in 1983.